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Be with a woman who makes your stomach her priority, love can die but hunger is constant – Man advises

People get married for a myriad of reasons, chief amongst them is love which is a flame that can sometimes burn less hot or die out entirely.

While love is reason enough to decide to go on a lifetime nuptial with a lady, there are other needs and realities of life that hit sooner than later.

Hunger and taste for good food is one such need. Advice has therefore gone to men to make a woman who cares about their man’s stomach and feeding by making sure there’s always food in the house, seriously.

Taking to social media, Kofi Dagaati adviced that men choose wisely when looking to settle down. He asks that men marry women who who make their stomach their priority and not just follow love and feelings.

Validating his point, Kofi Dagaati said while love may die sometime in the lifelong journey of marriage, hunger is a constant need and having a woman who doesn’t care about how you eat would amount to a double jeopardy.

“A woman who makes your stomach her priority is a woman to be with. Love can die but hunger is constant. Choose wisely.” he wrote

Source: Nsemwoha.Net


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