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Beggar caught after lying about his wife being admitted in hospital [Video]

A beggar who goes round town seeking for help to pay hospital bills for wife, has been caught and disgraced on camera.

The unsuspecting beggar had approached two ladies for assistance for cash to buy some pints of blood for his wife, whom he claimed has been hospitalized.

They however asked him to get into their car so they could drive to the hospital to see the wife before rendering the needed assistance.

It turned out he was a scammer and was humiliated before being asked to leave the car.

One of the ladies wrote on Instagram:

Now I know not everyone who wants financial assistance along the road should be given listen ears. I’m deeply hurt by this experience today, the rate at which people lie with the lives of family members to get little change is so annoying .

I needed a new earphones and charge, I drove down with @ficoskincare to get one cos she needed an earphone too, while talking with the seller , This man came and requested for some financial assistant, saying he’s wife was in the hospital and he was in need of blood for his wife because she just gave birth with operation and is in need of blood urgently , at first I replied I wasn’t having enough cash with me then @ficoskincare asked him to enter the car let’s go meet his wife and help out with buying the blood .

At first I was like my car then I said ok , let’s do it , he entered the car and we drove very close to the hospital then he started saying his wife was in the theatre , we wouldn’t be allowed to see her that we should just help him with the money since we were rich , that the blood wasn’t available in the hospital , he has to go get the blood quickly.he didn’t want us to stress ourselves walking up and down in the hospital.

His story was getting mixed up too quickly then @ficoskincare confirmed he was lying because she was a professional nurse n things weren’t adding up.
Why lie with such ?. Our father is a merciful God .
After catching him in the fact , he was still lying he lost all his children too. I know things are hard but today’s Experience wasn’t a joke .