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Cheapest car insurance after a ticket in New York

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These are the cheapest auto insurers we found for drivers with a recent speeding ticket in New York, as well as their average rates:

Geico: $2,065 per year.

New York Central Mutual: $2,127 per year.

Allstate: $2,135 per year.

Travelers: $2,355 per year.

Progressive: $2,543 per year.

Getting a speeding ticket will result in higher car insurance rates from most companies for three to five years.

To see who has the cheapest rates, we calculated average car insurance rates for 40-year-old drivers with “full coverage” insurance and a recent ticket for speeding 16 mph over the limit.

Though these larger companies were the cheapest we found on average, others may be cheaper for you, so be sure to get at least three quotes before deciding on a carrier.