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DNA test prove man is not the father of all his three children after going for vasectomy

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2021 has been touted by many as the year of DNA paternity tests as more and more evidence come to light showing many men are fathering children that are not theirs, biologically.

Abena Magis, has posted a narration of the sad story of a man who was happily married and after three children, decided he had had enough and went for vasectomy as a means of family planning.

A DNA paternity test was later conducted only for him to find out that he was not the father of all the three children his wife bore for him. READ THE FULL STORY BELOW.

“In this life have DNA test for all your children o, immediately they are getting born.

You don’t have to even let your wife know. Wetin I witness for UCH this morning just dey soo heart breaking

Went to see someone at where l did my last IT. This man has 3 children DNA test result came out this morning none of them were his

But thats not the sad part. The sad part is, this Man[sic] did family planning. He had a vasectomy done on him.”

In other news, a man also found out that only one of his six children was his afyer 26 years of marriage following a DNA Paternity test.

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Source: Ghanatribune.com