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Don’t brag about morals until you have the money to fund your temptations

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Money, they say is what makes the world go round, but much like an X-ray, money reveals the true nature of people rather than changing them.

Most people have complained about people changing once they become rich, the fact is, the money didn’t change them, it only afforded them the power to live their true self, however ugly that it may be.

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It is therefore no secret that money runs the world and quite unsurprisingly one needs alot of money to even fund their sins and immorality and that’s exactly what a netizen has put in a very succinct way.

According to Faisal Dangote, until a person has enough money to fund immorality and still desist from it, they have no right to brag about their moral uprightness.

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“Don’t brag about morals until you Have the money to fund youur temptations . There are many things hidden under poverty” he wrote.

In effect, he avers that money changes people and with the new power money hands them, resisting temptations then becomes a matter of will not affordability, and that is when a man who passes such tests consistently can be deemed morally upright.

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Not only does this teach us NOT to be self righteous, it also opens our eyes to the fallible nature of humans and therefore we must avoid being judgmental of others as we may not be able to resist the very temptations that they fall for, if we were in their shoes.

Source: Ghanatribune.com