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Dr. Kpessa Whyte descends heavily on supreme court justices, claims they’re being partizan

Star witness for the petitioner of the ongoing 2020 election petition at the supreme court of Ghana, Dr. Michael Kpessa Whyte has said supreme court justices are being partizan in the case before them.

In a post on facebook from an account named MW Kpessa believed to be his personal account, Dr. Kpessa stated that there was a growing abuse of discretionary powers by the judiciary in the ongoing case before the supreme court.

He claimed that the court was being partizan by openly displaying its solidarity with a political party instead of being the referees in the case.

There appears to be a growing abuse of judiciary discretion and a display of political solidarity to a party in the case at the Supreme Court, by those expected to look for truth and dispense justice. I hope I’m wrong and proven wrong !!

It must be noted however that, when respondents drew the attention of Dr. Kpessa Whyte to the contemptuous nature of the post, he sought to justify it by saying he was refering to the ongoing Supreme court case but something he read from a journal.

Which country is mentioned in the post? Why are crying when not mentioned? Is there an abuse of judiciary discretion in a country you know?”

My post is actually in reference to review other cases involving elections in some African countries I read in an academic journal. Hope it settles your concern.”

Source: Ghanatribune.com