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Ghanaians have been too lenient with NPP, we must make them uncomfortable – Lydia Forson fires

Actress Lydia Forson has called on her colleague “neutrals” who were always on the case of the John Dramani Mahama government from 2014-2016 to as a matter of urgency join her in ‘fighting’ the current government and expose the various ills in governance.

According to her, like these “neutrals” ensured that the John Mahama led government could not hide anything from the people, they should ensure that the same treatment is given to the current government to ensure transparency and accountability.

The actress made this post through her Facebook page while complaining about recent developments in the country.

She said “Why are people having to pay $150 dollars for another test at the airport, when they’re already required to test 72hrs before departure and show a certificate before boarding?!!My comrades from 2014-2016 where are you? Wake up, it’s time to start speaking up ?!! There’s too much we can’t be quiet about anymore!!!I’ve had to be careful about the things I say for so long because of things I’ve suffered silently, but come on is GHANA not for all of us?! !”

The bubbly actress added that We must hold every single government to the same standards. Chale when Mahama was in power, our fingers were ready on our keyboards even when he coughed, we made his government so uncomfortable it became hard for them to hide much. We must extend the same to this government!!!! We MUST hold every single government accountable, everyone !! Because it’s doesn’t matter who comes or stays in power, if we remain silent they will do with us as they please!!Make your voice heard!”.