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Iphone, Momo and Photoshoot are the 3 main causes of teenage pregnancy nowadays – Netizen asserts

A netizen by name Baba Waala has intimated that, the youth’s obsession with technology, money and flamboyance is a major contributor to teenage pregnancy nowadays.

Baba Waala said ladies of today want to have the flashiest phones, especially the latest iPhone which they can’t afford and therefore have to get it from male partners and older males who have their way with them as payment.

He added a new trend of posting studio quality photos which costs several hundreds of Ghana cedis means ladies who can’t afford it offer themselves as payment to photographers just to have them so they can post on social media.

He also mentioned mobile money as another avenue in which ladies put their body on the line to get some money in their account.

All of these he said, are the leading cause of teenage pregnancy rather than what is usually taught in class which includes broken homes, curiosity, peer pressure among others.

He wrote in a Facebook post:

The 3 major Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy Now are; 1 Iphone 2 Momo 3potrait.
Not the broken homes we were taught”