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Iranian Politician Places $3Million on Donald Trumps Head

An Iranian politician has announced a $3million reward for anyone who kills US President Donald Trump, as revenge for the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani early this month by a US drone strike.

Ahmad Hamzeh, parliamentary speaker from central Kerman province, where Soleimani hails from, told lawmakers on Tuesday:

‘We will pay a three million dollar award in cash to whoever kills Trump.’

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Kerman is the home province of Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian Quds leader who was killed in a drone strike by Trump, and whose death the regime has sworn to avenge.

‘Will your embassies in the region be safe? If your embassies are plotting to kill our innocent people, are we allowed to destroy them?’ he said.

Also speaking about US claims that they killed Soleimani as a preventative measure, the politician said.

‘Are your military bases and centers in the region for benevolence or to harm nations? Are we allowed to destroy all your bases in a preventive attack?’

Speaking about the 2015 nuclear deal, abandoned by the Trump administration, he said:

‘If we had nuclear weapons today, we would have been immune from the threat.’

‘Now that Europe has abandoned its commitments, I suggest moving out of the [Non-Proliferation Treaty] as soon as possible and launching nuclear fission blasts.

‘Let us announce to the world that we have joined the Nuclear Power Club.’