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Kidi Blasts ‘Death’ Prophets – Says They’re Only Attention Seekers

Lynx Entertainment signed artiste, Kidi says he is not bothered by Doomsday prophecies about him by some so-called Ghanaians prophets.

According to him, such Prophets are just attention seekers who want to just get clout in the country thereby cooking prophecies about popular personalities

The musician noted that public personalities are not hard to find so if they truly want to make them aware of whatever is going to happen to them, they can look for them instead of making it known publicly through the mass media

“It seems most pastors want attention. This is because if you want to prophesy into the life of an artiste, it shouldn’t be hard to find because we are public figures. If you really want to tell someone about a prophecy, you don’t publicize it. There are better ways of conveying such messages to people.it can even mentally affect the people involved”, he observed.

He indicated that for him, he is not afraid of doom prophecies because he’s prayerful and also has a prayerful mother.