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Majority of NDC bigwigs, others don’t want you back – Islamic Cleric warns Mahama

Popular Ghanaian Islamic Cleric, Numerologist and Philosopher Mallam Sham-una Uztaz Jibril has warned flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to bring an end to the nationwide tour and start a house cleaning exercise because 25% of the executives of his party want his return.

Also, the Islamic Cleric says only 20% of the party’s elders want the former President back as President of the country.

Against this backdrop, Mallam Sham-una advised that instead of combing the nooks and cranny of the country, it will be imperative that he spends time putting his house together and ensure that he has the maximum support.

The Mallam noted that if he’s able to put his house solidly behind him, the neutrals, the youth and the people at the grassroot are solidly behind him and will not give him problems.

Islamic cleric, Mallam Sham-una has predicted that the former President will be brought back to power in the impending election.

These were his words “Former President John Dramani Mahama, Prof Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman and his NDC campaign team should pulse the nationwide campaign and start
from NDC headquarters, door to door or office to office campaign for they are not decided as the nation decides, some top regional executives of the NDC nationwide are no exception. THE CRIMINAL DIGITAL SPIRITUAL HACKER DETECTED.

Only 25% out of 100% members of the office wants Mahama back, However, the worst of all are the NDC top gurus outside the office only is 20% of them wants him back.

As for the youth, the grassroots and the neutral people of the country there is no problem.
The situation is extremely beyond serious. This is a gift, but not an advise. Allah knows best”.