Home News General News MASLOC and some politicians have contributed to Okada menace – NRSA spokesperson

MASLOC and some politicians have contributed to Okada menace – NRSA spokesperson

Lawyer Kwame Atuahene, public relations officer for the National road safety authority has in his comments blamed some state institutions and politicians for promoting the menace of Okada.

Speaking on Angel FM monitored by Ghanatribune.com, Lawyer Atuahene said the problem the nation faces with Okada is enforcement and indiscipline on the part of the police and the riders which has led to a 1000% percent increase in motorcycle-related accidents in the last year when other indicators of accidents especially involving commercial vehicles are declining.

He blamed a state institution like MASLOC for promoting Okada riding, saying it provided motorcycles and tricycles to the youth with the motive they’d use it for commercial purposes in order to pay back the loans.

Lawyer Atuahene also blamed some politicians who buy motorcycles for the youth during campaign seasons to shore up their political fortunes knowing very well they’d use it to engage in Okada, which is illegal by law.

Accidents costing the nation.

In the last year, statistics show that Ghana lost 10% of its GDP through accidents and an average of 6% of GDP in the last 6 years amounting to USD990million per year.

Okada and the rampant accidents has become a matter of public discussion following the NDC’s campaign promise of legalizing and regulating their activities as a means of job creation.

Source: Ghanatribune.com



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