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Michael Gyau writes: Mess in Koforidua central; Who is to blame?

As a noble and patriotic citizen of our proud country Ghana and a residence of Koforidua in the New Juaben South District of the Eastern region, it is with disappointment in the efficiency of our sanitation system that I wish to bring to the attention of the media and the general public about the mess created by plastic waste at the Ghana Public Road and Transport Union(GPRTU) bus station of Koforidua, popularly known as the “Kumasi Station” by residents.

A brief description of the current situation by many as interviewed on their opinion of the matter is that “It is a sea of plastic waste that has taken over the central business district” of which I am not proud to purport as true witness, being a citizen myself.

The million-dollar question lingering on in the minds of many in Koforidua is, who is to blame? seeing that it cannot be considered a sole work of our public waste management system providers (Zoom Lion), the authorities of the GPTRU Koforidua division, officials of the New Juaben Municipal assembly or the ordinary people who use the location on a daily basis. As always is, it is a collaborative effort between these stakeholders that is required to keep our cities clean.

It is an almost ridiculous site to behold as heaps upon heaps of refuse are seen scattered across the bus station, increasing in amount as the hours go by and continuously obstructing the free flow of air even in such an open area, contributing to the odor contributed by the public latrine system also at the same location. A typical day begins with “most” of the rubbish from the previous day cleared, only to see another ridiculous amounts of refuse pile up as the day goes by.

What makes it more alarming is how everybody seems to be blind to the visible heaps and pass unconcerned. There is everything wrong with the culture of the people towards sanitation as is evident from how persons throw out rubbish from moving and loading vehicles, hawkers throw out their waste into open areas without fear, and the absence of bins and organized collection points for piled rubbish.

I believe it is about time the national communications authority, the television and radio media space and concerned citizens as myself take up the responsibility of first further educating the general public about the implications of the problem which include easy transmission of airborne diseases, a possible outbreak of Cholera and other poor-sanitation related diseases. When the atmosphere for change has been well established, the other stakeholders (the Municipal assembly, the GPRTU, Zoom lion and others) will be challenged to put measures in place to curb the situation.

As a country dedicated to achieve the sustainable development goals, it should be natural that we get committed to building clean cities and to be concerned about the health and well-being of our people. It is the responsibility of government, the media, and every citizen of our dear country to work hard at creating a better future for our country and for generations yet unborn.

It is my hope that this article is considered, perused and published on your reputable platform. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Gyau Michael Odame
(Fellow, The Central Leadership Program)