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NPP delegates don’t use their brains because of money – Kennedy Agyapong


Member of Parliament(MP) for Assin Central Constituency, Kennedy Agyapong says some New Patriotic Party (NPP) delegates become brainless after being induced with cash.

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According to him, the delegates have brought the wrong persons to occupy key positions and that is gradually destroying the elephant family.

He was speaking to issues concerning missing excavators and the arrest of Ekow Awusi, Former Central Regional First Vice Chairperson.

He mentioned that NPP delegates who are influenced by money during elections should desist from taking money from people to bring them to power because most people who do that are incompetent.

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According to him, they were several attempts to prevent the Central Region wing of the NPP to vote against Ekow Awusi but due to the greedy nature of Ghanaians, they took money and voted for him .

“If NPP is failing today, we should blame delegates who don’t work with commonsense. I told people in the Central Region to vote against Ekow Awusi because he’s not a good person but he shared money and the minds of these delegates were bought.”

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“The money induced elections in the country should stop. Delegates from Central Region have caused the downfall of NPP because I told them Ekow Awusi will destroy our party. We should learn from this. When you are going to cast your votes use your conscience and don’t follow money because most of the people who use money to influence you are incompetent.”
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On the issues of galamsey, he mentioned that the President has been failed by the people he appointed.

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