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Pay for the cereals you borrowed from ECOWAS, it’s humiliating to Ghana – Eric Opoku

NDC MP for Asunafo South Constituency, Eric Opoku, has descended heavily on the government for allegedly humiliating Ghana by borrowing cereals from ECOWAS and struggling to pay back.

According to him, the NPP government has brought shame upon the country as a result of their failure to honor their side of the bargain.

“The deputy minister who received the cereals told them not to worry and that Ghana will be able to pay back in March because the country is implementing Planting for Food and Jobs program. If it is true that we have produced food in abundance to the extent that we are exporting the excess, why should Ghana accept that humiliating position to be begging and borrowing rice around the world? Even after March, Ghana has still been unable to pay,” he stated addressing the media.

Mr. Eric Opoku the government for being incapable to deliver on their promise questioned their reason for allegedly lying to ECOWAS that with the Planting for Food and Jobs policy, they will be able to replace the food items.

ECOWAS handed over more than 2,750 tonnes of cereals comprising of 1,000 tonnes of maize, 750 tonnes of white rice, 500 tonnes of millet and 500 tonnes of sorghum to the Ghana government to boost its school feeding program under the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy.

This was on the condition that the government will replenish grain for grain the 2,750 tonnes of cereals by March 2019.