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Revealed: The 3 easy tricks to start earning good money from YouTube in Ghana

The world is changing into a digital one and so is the way people earn money and the careers people choose.

Online platforms have become a major source of making real money genuinely by completing simple tasks, showng your your talent or sharing your knowledge.

One such platform which some Ghanaians who discovered it earlier have made millions from, is video streaming platform YouTube.

Youtube pays its creators for sharing just about anything. From comedy, education, lifestyle, cooking, news etc, youtubers earn revenue from videos uploaded to their channels.

But there’s a caveat, to be eligible to earn from the videos you upload to your channel, you must the following Youtube monetization requirements:.

1. Have at least 1,000 subscribers

2. Reach 4,000 public watch hours in the past 12 months

3. Sign and agree to the terms and conditions

4. Have an AdSense account

5. Get reviewed and approved

It must be noted that reaching these requirements is not an easy task as a new YouTuber.. In fact it can take years to meet these requirements, reason why most channels aren’t monetized yet but that’s why the tricks we are going to show you below will help you skip the wait and long and lengthy process of meeting these requirements.

Before recently, Ghanaian youtubers had to go through the whole process of finding their first 1000 subscribers by themselves and getting the 4000 hours which is a struggle that can frustrate you, but with the formation of Ryte Promo, a Ghanaian company dedicated to providing help to new and existing youtubers, it takes less than 30days to reach the Youtube requirements and monetize your channel rather that the years of wait and struggle.

Ryte Promo does this but utilizing their global pool of YouTube users to provide subscribers and watch time for Youtubers who needs to monetize their channel or beef up their subscribers for branding purposes.

According to Ryte Promo, they can monetize your YouTube channel for you within 30, provide subscribers or watch hours or both, depending on the situation of your channel and the best part is they don’t require you to give them your password or login details.

They also have monetized youtube channels for sale to individuals and companies. Ryte Promo can be reached on WhatsApp at 0245071218. Use GHANATRIBUNE as promo code for a 10% discount on their stated prices.

The cost involved, i have come to realize is just a minute part of the potential benefits one could reap from a monetized YouTube channel with dedication and hard work.

The 3 Tricks to be employed to start making good money

1. Get your channel monetized or buy a monetized channel

2. Create and upload nteresting videos or upload copyright-free videos

3. Share your video link in facebook groups to generate views and earn from your views.

In conclusion, YouTube is a great side business and even a fulltime business for people who make unbelievable amounts of money that anyone can try their hands on.