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The first sign of a stingy boyfriend is “fluent English” – Lady says

Ladies have since time immemorial enjoyed receiving gifts of all manner and most especially cash handouts from their boyfriends to the extent that nowadays, if a guy shows the least sign of being stingy, he’d have a hard time landing a girl.

To most ladies, the screening process to find the right man who doesn’t hesitate dipping his hands into his pockets is a daunting one.

Well, no more, as a lady has revealed a simple trick to spot a guy who potentially is stingy so ladies can approach such guys cautiously.

According Facebook user Efya Fata Nkrumah, if a guy is fluent in English, especially if it is not his native language, then that’s a telling sign that he is potentially stingy.

Signs of a stingy guy “Fluent English” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Perhaps her rational comes from the widely held view in Ghana and some parts of Africa, that family members who travel to England and return are calculated and less generous compared to those who return from or reside in the US and Canada.

Whatever her rational is, this theory is definitely not scientific but it doesn’t hurt to look out for that parrot speaking impeccable English which isn’t his mother tongue, who  knows what you might find.

Source: Ghanatribune.com


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