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Watch: Full interview with fortified Youth Chief who bullet couldn’t penetrate his body

Ghanatribune.com first reported of the miraculous escape by a Ghanaian trader in the Ashanti Regional capital of Kumasi who remained unharmed even after getting shot at close range three times.

In an interview with Oheneba media, the man named Sariki Abdul Karim said his escape was not accidental as he is fortified in his body with bulletproof juju.

Sariki Abdul Karim who hails from Bawku said back in his hometown, such fortifications are required due to the incessant attacks there. He also revealed that the recent incident isn’t the first time a bullet has refused to penetrate his body

“I don’t know them but when I see the one who shot me I can identify him. He is tall and fair and speaks English like a Nigerian. So we were here and we heard the gun shots from afar. We thought it was the police that was here to pick up bad children or some bad people or it was KMA that was in the market to do some action so we didn’t mind until we realized that they were armed robbers. So one of the robbers approached me and asked why I wasn’t running away when others were. I told him I’ve done nothing wrong so I won’t run away. Then he told me If I won’t run, I should give him my money else he will kill me. I told him I had no money on me and that he can kill me if he wants to. He shot my chest but the bullet could not penetrate, I caught the second bullet and he shot my chest again but the bullet could not penetrate that was when he took to his heels.”


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