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“Why must an MP get police protection when momo vendors are the ones often attacked” – Security Analyst quizzes

A security expert has said that the right debate must be had as a nation about why the nation must give over 200 police to members of parliament for their protection while the wider Ghanaian society are victims of even heinous and often perpetrated crimes.

Speaking in an interview with Asaase Radio, Kernel Festus Aboagye rtd, who is a security analyst at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre said if we are giving protection to MPs because two members of parliament have been murdered, what about Momo merchants and drivers among other citizens who are victims of highway robberies and other crimes.

If the MP was killed because armed robbers carried out a highway operation, the debate must be about what is being done about highway robberies and if he was killed because he was targeted, then why was he targeted and what was he involved in and how can that be prevented to stop the targeting, should be the debate” he said.

He added that the entire security of the nation must be looked at holistically and not just provide security for parliamentarians while the citizens are left to face the insecurity seen on a daily basis.

Source: Ghanatribune.com


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