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“You don’t need a virgin as a wife but a woman with good manners” – Man advises

Ask any young and single adult man whether finding a virgin to marry is on his checklist of things to look out for in his woman and he’ll most like respond in the affirmative.

Virginity has been seen as a sure sign of a virtuous woman but an one fitting the quintessential description of a wife material.

Well, a man has said it is entirely a flawed theory. Taking to social media, Mr. Governor said the Virginity of a woman doesn’t determine her suitability for marriage.

He says good manners is the trait every man should look out for in a potential partner, adding that virginity may provide a good time for a night but good manners will last forever.

You don’t need a virgin as a wife, but a woman with GOOD MANNERS. VIRGINITY ends in a night but GOOD MANNERS last FOREVER...”

Source: Ghanatribune.com