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“Your ugly pride and arrogance doesn’t make you intelligent” – NPP’s Salam Mustapha blasts Franklin Cudjoe

Salam Mustapha, Former NPP Deputy National Youth organizer and currently, a presidential staffer at the office of the vice president, has slammed Imani Ghana’s president Franklin Cudjoe for his recent comments on the performance of the Ghana cedi.

Salam was reacting to a video interview in which Mr. Cudjoe spoke on the appreciation of the Ghana cedi and its link to the coronavirus outbreak.

Mr. Mustapha called Franklin the most arrogant person in the country for claiming it is only illiterates who would disagree with the assertion made by Sammy Gyamfi, the national communications director of the NDC, that the cedi’s appreciation is due to the Coronavirus worldwide epidemic.

In a facebook post, Mr. Salam Mustapha wrote:

So, yesterday i saw this video of Imani president Franklin Cudjoe in which he made some comments about the cedi and the coronavirus.

In the video he asserts that, it was ILLITERATE on the part of those who lampooned Sammy Gyamfi to suggest that the view is ludicrous. He also describes further as myopic. So, people like Bernard Avle, Dr. Muazu to mention but a few are illiterates?

Let me hail Franklin, the paragon of all knowledge. The most literate person in Ghana. The repository of knowledge. The nation’s finest wisdom pot.

Look, this bloke has to learn that he’s not the only arrogant person in this country. Stop being an attack dog for mercenary hit jobs. Those days of such cheap stunts are over. You’re not the only one with an acerbic tongue.

Your ugly pride and arrogance doesn’t constitute superior congnitive prowess. Everything you have answer to, jack of all experts. Economic expert, local government expert, environmental expert, sex expert, elections expert, expert in everything. What a joke!”